Our mission is to provide a safe haven where everyone is valued and respected. All staff members in partnership with parents, work ceaselessly to help students to unleash their innovative spirit and creative abilities.

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" I called School Time and my husband and son came with me for the tour. We felt the magic immediately."

- Robby Robinson

" My husband and son came with me for the tour. We felt the magic immediately."

- Zoe Ranson

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School Transport

School Transport

  • Transport is a facility offered to the students of the school and it is not a matter of right for them. The school reserves the right to alter or withdraw this facility on any of the routes with prior notice to the parents.
  • The buses run on the existing routes only.
  • One calendar month’s notice in writing or one month’s transport fee in lieu thereof is required for withdrawal of school bus facility.
  • As the buses are on contract, withdrawal from the bus service is not permitted in the month of January till March in any case except when the child is withdrawn from the school.
  • Any student who avails the school bus facility and discontinues in the middle of the session, he/ she will not get the permission to avail this facility again for the same session.
  • Students using school bus will have to travel by the same bus route no.

No request in the diary/letter will be entertained for permission to allow the students to go by another bus route or on his/her own.

Routes: (a) Rani Bagh and Rohini

(b) Shastri Nagar and adjoining areas

(c) Shakti Nagar and adjoining areas

Private Transport

  • In case the students are using private vans, parents must verify the antecedents of such drivers thoroughly as the school will not be responsible for the same.
  • Parents are advised in their own interest to note the vehicle number and retain a copy of Aadhar Card, License, Registration Certificate of the drivers with their permanent address proof.
  • Kindly ensure that the vehicle is carrying only the permitted number of students.
  • Police verification of the drivers is a must.This also holds applicable in case of accompanying servant/maid.
  • We reiterate that the school will not be responsible for the safety of the students who choose to travel by private transport.
  • The school engages private bus operators to run the buses. Occasionally, the bus service may develop snags. Kindly bear with us.
  • No efforts are spared to ensure the safety of students but the school will not be held responsible for any road accident in which the bus may be involved.
  • Transport fee chargeable from the bus users is payable in installments on quarterly basis.
  • If any student is found using school transport without permission, he/she is liable to pay one installment as fine. In case the act is repeated, full session transport fee will be charged.
  • The school will not be held responsible if the child leaves his/her belongings in the bus.


We make every possible attempt to educate and enthrall the students and give to the future a set of mature, aware, well-informed, responsible and productive citizens.

Our Objective

To create a pathway to assist our students in achieving their educational and personal goals leading to a fulfilling future within the greater community.